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Cork City Council manages accessibility to the City to allow people live, work, shop, visit and carry out many business activities in the City.  For that purpose it provides priorities for walkers, cyclists, public transport users, cars and parking.  Particular attention is given to accessibility in the City Centre which is the centroid for employment, retail and leisure activities.  The City Centre has been greatly enhanced through the improved public realm, parking facilities and by its very much enhanced retail and leisure offer to both residents of the City and visitors to the City.  The City prides itself in being to the forefront in developing sustainable transport options and is currently involved in promoting travel modes which are an alternative to the private car.

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Free Balance Bikes for Cork Creches

In order to promote safer cycling from a young age, Cork City Council would like to subsidise the purchase of up to two balance bikes by Crèches or other Childcare providers in Cork City.

Report a Faulty Street Light

Airtricity Utility Solutions Report a Faulty Street Light

Real Time Passenger Information System (RTPI)

indicating the expected arrival times for the next 3 buses arriving will be made available at over 500 bus stops in Dublin and Cork. The scheme is being undertaken by the Local Authorities and the Department of Transport has arranged funding for the provision of RTPI displays and infrastructure. The installation of RTPI will cater for some key bus routes in Metropolitan Cork. The estimated arrival times of buses as calculated on the Bus Éireann fleet management system will be communicated to the RTPI server based in Dublin City Council which will then broadcast the data to each specific bus stop in Cork.

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The Traffic Public Counter will be open from 10.00a.m. to 4.00p.m., Monday to Friday. 

ckc-phone-icon-58w.jpg Telephone: Parking Services (021) 492 4555 

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               Resident Parking Permits:

Roads Service Maintenance Requests (021) 492 4189 / 492 4758  
Asset Management (021) 492 4189 or 492 4758
Transportation  (021) 492 4452 or 492 4151
Roads Design / Construction (021) 492 4541
Roads Jack Lynch Tunnel (021) 452 0420
North Main Street Car Park: (021) 427 4100
Paul Street Car Park: (021) 492 4431
Black Ash Park and Ride: (021) 431 7682

Fax  (021) 492 4515.

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This new system allows motorists to pay for their on-street parking using their mobile phone.