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The documents listed below are available from Cork City Council's Housing and Community Services Public Offices:

Housing Loans and Grants,
Cork City Council,
City Hall,

which is open to the public from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Tel. Nos: 021 - 4924512/4924169/4924591/4924243

Fax No. 021 - 4924511

e-mail :

Housing Allocations,

Cork City Council, City Hall

which is open to the public from 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Tel. Nos. : 021 4924306/4924198/4924470/4924237/4924665

Fax: 021 4924199

e-mail :

These documents are available in PDF Format. The Housing Department asks you to note that if you download a particular form, please return the form by post as an original signature is required on the form.

Housing Loans and Grants

Application Forms

Repair and Lease Scheme Cork City Council(279KB)

Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan Application Form(667KB)

Home Improvement Loan Application Form (PDF)(33KB)

Once Off Adaptation works for Special Needs Local Authority Tenants(218KB)

2018 Housing Aid for Older People Application Form(231KB)

2018 Mobility Aids Grant Application Form(280KB)

2018 Housing Adaptation Grant Application Form(272KB)

2016 Tenant Purchase Scheme Expression of Interest Form(41KB)

2016 Tenant Purchase Scheme Application Form(253KB)

Explanatory Information

Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan Borrower Information Booklet(825KB)

Tenant Purchase Scheme FAQ(259KB)

Appendix C Ministerial Directions Reckonable Income(100KB)

Home Improvement Loan Information Leaflet(195KB)

Housing Allocations

Application Forms

Scéim Leithroinnte arna ceadú ag an gComhairle an 30 Beal 2011(232KB)

Allocation Scheme(254KB)

Choice Based Lettings Information Leaflet(139KB)

Social Housing Assessment Regulations 2011(861KB)

Application for Housing Transfer (PDF)(139KB)

Application Form for Housing (PDF)(264KB)

Application Form for Succession of Tenancy (PDF)(20KB)

Sonrai Aras an Teaghlaigh(12KB)

Foirm Iarratais na hlasachta um Cheannach Ti(117KB)

Sceim Cheannaigh ag Tionontai 1995 - Foirm Iarratais(48KB)

Iarratas Ar Thacaíocht Sóisialta(1,093KB)

Foirm Iarratais um Athru Seoladh(57KB)

Sceim Deontais do Dhaoine faoi Mhichumas - Coinniollacha is Infheidhmithe go Ginearalta(154KB)

Tithiocht - Coras Uineireacht Roinnte_ Meamram Minitheach(36KB)

Teastas Rochtana Michumais(93KB)

Uineireacht Roinnte - Iarratas ar Fhaomhadh Sealadach(26KB)

Downsizing Scheme

Application Form

Teastas Rochtana Michumais Athbhreithnithe(93KB)

Application for Senior Citizen Housing under Downsizing Scheme - Cork City Council Tenant (PDF)(27KB)

Application for Senior Citizen Housing under the Downsizing Scheme - Owner Occupied Accommodation (PDF)(67KB)

Explanatory Information

Housing for the Elderly under the Downsizing Scheme Poster(180KB)

Downsizing Scheme Information Poster (HTML)(2KB)