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Services Provided

Allocation of vacant houses and new-build social housing schemes.

As vacancies arise, they will be allocated in accordance with the Allocation Scheme as adopted by Council. A copy of this document is available at our public office. Download the Scheme below. The Letting Agreement sets out the conditions applying to the tenancy and must be signed by each tenant. Download the tenants handbook below.

Q&A Applying for Social Housing Support(341KB)

Allocation Scheme(254KB)

Social Housing Assessment Regulations 2011(861KB)

Tennants Handbook (PDF)(1,548KB)

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Requests for (a) Local Authority Housing, Halting Site Bays, (b) Extensions and Permission to carry out works to a Local Authority Rented Dwelling are processed.

Applications for Rented Local Authority Housing and Halting Site Bays

(a) A Person residing in Cork City or County with the necessary residency status may apply to Cork City Council for Social Housing Support. An Application form for Housing must be completed, download the Housing Application Form below. This form can also be obtained along with the full details from the above address. An application is assessed under the Allocation Scheme to determine eligibility for housing.

A Housing Assessment Officer will call complete a report on circumstances including housing history and discuss preferred areas and options for housing. The Assessment Officer will then recommend/not recommend the applicant for inclusion on the housing waiting list. The length of time a person is on the waiting list prior to an offer of accommodation will vary according to preferred areas indicated, housing circumstances, family size, waiting time and the number and type of dwellings becoming available for letting.

An applicant may change the areas they wish to be considered for housing at any time by contacting the Allocations Section.  An applicant may change their areas of choice once in a 12 month period.

Click here for Area Housing Office contact details, opening times, services provided etc.

Housing Application Form (PDF)(264KB)

Certificate of Income(37KB)

Area Housing Office contact details, opening times, services provided (HTML)(9KB)

In considering an application, various reports may be sought and taken into consideration:

Report on eligibility, medical reports, Health Board and Social Worker’s reports, Housing Welfare Officer’s report, Housing Officer’s report, report from another Local Authority if previously a tenant, any other information which the Local Authority deems relevant to the housing application.

The City Council’s Housing Welfare Officer reports on applications for tenancy at halting sites.

Once an application is made eligible for inclusion on the waiting list the applicant is informed in writing of their eligibility. An applicant must contact the office when there is a change in circumstances, e.g change of address, the birth of an extra child, Change in Income or addition of a partner. Factors such as these may be critical in assessing suitability for available accommodation or schemes.

Currently Cork City Council operates a Choice Based Letting System (CBL); CBL is a system that allows you to express your interest in renting a suitable council property within your preferred area.  A 'suitable' property is one that you have chosen and that matches your housing needs.

Choice Based Lettings Information Leaflet

If the Housing Department cannot make contact with an applicant, or if an applicant fails to adequately respond to the office their file will be cancelled.‌

(b) Extensions and Permission to Carry out works to a Local Authority Dwelling

A person who is overcrowded may request in writing to the Allocations Section for their circumstances to be examined for an extension in place of alternative accommodation. A Housing Assessment Officer will report and this will be considered.

A tenant wishing to carry out works to their Local Authority Dwelling must receive permission in writing. A detailed letter should be sent to the allocations office setting out the works and requesting permission (a rough sketch of the work should be included if for example a wall is to be built … the height and length of the wall should also be noted). Details of the request will then be forwarded to the appropriate internal department(s), e.g. Housing Maintenance, Architects Planning, Roads, etc for consideration and a reply will issue to the tenant.

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Transfer application form (PDF)(139KB)

Transfer application form from existing tenants will also be considered where existing accommodation is not adequate to meet the needs of the tenant or there are other appropriate circumstances in accordance with the Allocation Scheme. Cork City Council shall consider an application from a tenant to another City Council dwelling only in circumstances and in priority as follows:

  • Overcrowding,
  • Under-utilisation of existing accommodation,
  • Medical or compassionate reasons. 

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Classes of Records Held

  • Applications for housing,
  • Medical reports,
  • Social Workers reports on applicants,
  • Housing Welfare Officer’s reports,
  • Eligibility reports on applicants,
  • Statistical information on returns of housing needs, allocations, etc.
  • Financial records for the operation of housing.