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The Corporate & External Affairs Directorate has responsibility for Cork City Council services in the general purpose area. This includes services relating to the Secretariat for servicing the meeting of the City Council and Committees and Secretarial services for the Lord Mayor and City Manager.

Customer Care is about meeting and exceeding the customers' expectations of service. It involves dealing fairly, properly and impartially with our customers. It involves a commitment to delivering the best service to our customers in an effective and caring manner. Quality service is a key corporate goal in our Annual Report

It is part of Cork City Council’s ongoing commitment to deliver our services in a more customer orientated manner. Further Information

Cork City Council Elected Members

Local Elections for appointment to Cork City Council were held on 5th June 2009.  

The Lord Mayor is elected at the Council's annual meeting which is held in June. The Council has a term of 5 years i.e. new elections will be held in June 2014.

City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 5.30pm. No meetings are held in the month of August, and there is no meeting on the second Monday of December. Meeting are held in the Council Chamber, City Hall, Cork.

This Directorate has responsibility for the  Archives, Libraries and Cork Public Museum.

Cork Public Museum, Fitzgeralds Park. Tel. No.(021) 427 0679. email:

Cork City and County Archives, Great William O'Brien Street. Tel. No. (021) 450 5886 email:

Central Library, Grand Parade Tel. No. (021) 492 4900 email:
Bishopstown Library Tel. No.  (021) 492 4950 email:
Blackpool Library Tel. No. (021) 492 4933 email:
Douglas Library Tel. No.  (021) 492 4932 email:
Hollyhill Library Tel. No. (021) 492 4928 email:
Frank O'Connor Library, Mayfield Tel. No. (021) 492 4935 email: 
Mobile Library Tel. No. (021) 492 4935 email:
Tory Top Road Library Tel. No. (021) 492 4934 email: 

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